A Few Of Our Favourite Things To Do On The Sunshine Coast

(These are just a very few of our favourites - We're sure you'll find many more to add to this list)

1) Stroll along Gibsons’ sea walk
2) Enjoy an ice-cream cone @ the Roberts Creek General Store
3) Explore the Sechelt Marsh
4) Launch a boat @ Coopers Green (Halfmoon Bay)
5) Saunter along the lakes of Garden Bay
6) Fish for cod, salmon or trout
7) Enjoy a meal @ Molly’s Reach
8) Visit the many Sunshine Coast’s art galleries
9) Have a picnic at one of the coast’s many beaches
10) Go swimming
11) Visit the Sunshine Coast Museum & Archives
12) Count the eagles overhead
13) Rent a boat or kayak
14) Smell the flowers at Rockwood Centre
15) Participate in Sea Cavalcade
16) Build a sandcastle at Davis Bay on the Beach
17) Splash in the Homesite Creek waterfall
18) Try fly fishing at Trout Lake
19) Take lots of photos to enjoy later back home
20) Visit local artists in their studio
21) Pick wild blackberries on the roadside (take all you want!)
22) Visit Chatterbox Falls
23) Visit some of the local fish hatcheries
24) Take a tour of the Howe Sound Pulp & Paper Mill
25) Shop in the local shops and malls
26) Enjoy some live theatre
27) Attend the Festival of the Written Arts
28) Take a ride in a sea plane
29) Cheer on your favourite local longboat team
30) Watch the seals
31) Wander the government wharfs and docks
32) Bike the numerous decommissioned logging roads
33) Scuba dive on the sunken HMCS Chaudiere
34) Or just try some snorkeling in the local waters…
35) Or visit the numerous Marine Parks of Sechelt Inlet
36) Go on a fishing boat charter
37) Enjoy some delicious smoked salmon @ Sharkey’s
38) Hike up Soames Hill (and enjoy the view from the top)
39) Explore Smugglers Cove
40) Learn the history of the Sechelt (Shíshálh) First Nation People
41) Learn about nature at Porpoise Bay Park
42) Discover ancient Indian murals up Sechelt Inlet
43) Visit Secret Cove on your boat
44) Join in Roberts Creek Daze (and another ice-cream cone!)
45) Visit Pender Harbour area, the “Venice of the North”
46) Stroll through Cliff Gilker Park
47) Try mountain biking
48) Visit the local info centres
49) Do some bird watching
50) Or beachcombing…
51) Walk along the boardwalk in Davis Bay
52) Enjoy an ice-cream cone at the Halfmoon Bay General Store
53) Camp at Katherine Lake Park
54) Buy a local souvenir
55) Watch for wildlife
56) Book a day cruise to Princess Louisa Inlet
57) Count satellites in the light-pollution-free night skies
58) Hike into the Skookumchuck Narrows
Soak up the community charm of the Sunshine Coast!

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