Five Top Tips For Sellers

We appreciate that selling your home can be a stressful experience.  With so many tasks to complete and organizing within your residence, it can often be an overwhelming time for Sellers.  We’ve created this summary that provides 5 simple tips which will make  your home more attractive to prospective Buyers and you sell it in a shorter period of time.

Make That First Impression Count
As the old saying goes; “You never get a second chance to make a good first impression” is so very true with home selling.  Prospective Buyers often form an opinion of your home/property within the first few moments of pulling up in the driveway.  This is why it is so important to organize, clean-up and make the front yard, driveway and entrance as welcoming and well maintained as possible.  Trimming the hedges, weeding gardens, painting and repairing fencing, sweeping the driveway, cleaning or repainting the front door and polishing or replacing the door hardware all excellent suggestions.  As Realtors, we have struggled with unlocking sticky front door locks while our Buyers have looked on (what does this say about the quality and level of maintenance of your home…?), so make sure the entrance door hardware is well lubricated and operates smoothly.  As clients wait for us to unlock the front door, this would be a good opportunity to show of a new doormat, clean/shiny outdoor light fixtures and maybe a hanging basket or some potted small trees/bushes on either side of the door.

Spring Cleaning (in fact, anytime of the year)
Prior to listing, take some time to perform a thorough “spring cleaning” of your entire home.  Start by de-cluttering the home’s interior as well as the garage, including closets, counter tops and items on the furniture surfaces, then make sure the entire home is clean, clean, clean as a clean home assures to Buyers that is is a loved and well-maintained home they are viewing.  The de-cluttering will make your home appear larger and more organized too, so be sure to check that all your lights are operating to show it off!
Repair Broken/Damaged Items
Take the time to repair such things as a dripping tap, broken light fixtures, cracked tiles, damaged drywall, etc. so as not to provide the wrong impression to potential Buyers.  If you’re a handy person, most of these repairs can be done yourself, otherwise hire a local tradesperson if it is beyond your abilities.
Keep It Neutral
While that purple or black wall may have seemed like a good idea at the time, when marketing your home to others you want to appeal to Buyers by having them imagine themselves in your home, and this is best done by providing a “neutral palette” for which Buyers can more easily imprint their own style onto.
A Few Last Suggestions
And lastly, a few finishing touches would be to put a vase of fresh cut flowers on the table, some fresh (and fragrant) fruit in a bowl in the kitchen, make all the beds with clean/fresh linens, toilet lids down, and turn on the lights.


As your REALTORS® the Twice The Experience Real Estate Team is here to offer you useful tips and advice when it comes to selling homes!