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Use these 6 steps before you move to declutter and prepare yourself for moving success.

1)  Start early.
2)  Set aside enough time.  You can start sorting 
     your unwanted items into “purge piles” before you even list
     your home.  Allow an hour or two planning and
     and then an additional two or three hours per room to 
     declutter and clean.  Don’t forget about your outside spaces
     including sheds & outdoor play areas.
3)  Clean out your closets.  Set aside any clothing you haven’t
     worn in a year or more.  Consider donating to the local 
     hospital auxiliary, Salvation Army Outlet or the Annual Realtors
     Care Drive.
4)  Dig into storage rooms (and the crawlspace).  If there’s
     something that has been sitting in a box for years don't take 
     it with you to your new home, as it will only add to your clutter!
5)  Get rid of large items.  If you have old furniture or bulky items
     you don’t need, dispose of them well before moving day so you 
     aren’t left with the task the day of.
6)  Haul it away!  Once you’ve sorted everything you want to sell
     and/or donate, take that last “Haul it away” pile and call up a 
     friend with a pick-up truck or contact one of the local
     tradespeople who provide this disposal service.
Now relax, and look forward to relocating in your new, less cluttered home!