Relieving "Moving Day Stress"

Helpful Moving Day Tips

Your home is sold and now you're preparing to move years of household contents to your new dwelling.  Here are a few suggestions that will help you during the moving process!
1) Research the moving company before you hire them.  Make sure your mover is licensed, insured and WorksafeBC registered (you can receive these documents both in printed form from the mover or in many cases, via a download).  Remember, price is only one component of choosing a mover - you want a professional who can provide you local references from individuals in the community, as well as someone you feel comfortable working with!  Your personal belongings are precious to you, so you want your mover to feel the same way.

2) Prepare in advance of receiving your moving quote by listing any large items you might be moving (such as appliances, piano, hot tub, etc.) so the company can factor in any additional personnel help they may require on moving day.  If you are moving from an apartment building/strata complex, check in advance of any specified moving hours that may be required by the Strata Council or if a deposit is required for the elevator key.

3) Inform the moving company of any fragile and/or valuable items you are moving.  While most moving companies are careful in the handling of all items they move, it never hurts to alert them to individual heirlooms and particularly fragile pieces.  Knowing about fragile/valuable belongings in advance is the best way for movers to prevent possible damage.

4) Determine where items are going in your new home by labeling them as well as preparing signs to identify the rooms (such as bedroom #1, bedroom #2, office, etc.) as this will eliminate confusion on arrival at your new home and eliminate the need to have items moved a second time (not to mention the wasted time/money when you are being charged by the hour!)

5) Get out of the way and let your mover actually move your items!  You have hired a qualified company with employees who have a routine, so stay out of their way as they unload the truck and instead make use of your time by being in your new home and directing how you want your heavy furniture placed within their destination rooms.

6) Lastly, don’t try and get everything unpacked and placed the very first day in your new home.  You are likely going to be living here for a while, so take your time.  Certainly get your bed assembled so you can be assured of a good night’s sleep on a familiar mattress and maybe even consider ordering in take out food the first night as a personal reward to handling your move so well…?