Selling With Pets

Pets are an integral part of many families. While some people follow strict pet rules and do not allow them inside the main residence, most of us do not mind our furry friends inside and let them be a part of family. But regardless of how much we may love pets, the bitter truth is that pets can lower the saleability of your house.  The stains and odors can be a big hindrance while you prepare your home for sale.  Here are some tips on how to get your home ready for sale  when you have pets.

Provide Space To Let Buyers Visualize Themselves In The House

The most important tip for getting a good Buyer for your house is to offer enough free space in the house. This will let the Buyers visualize themselves in the house.  So make sure the house is not too overfilled with your personal things, this includes your pets and their paraphernalia. This allows the Buyers to envision themselves living in the house.

Consult Your Pet’s Veterinarian

This is an essential step which you need to follow as selling a home can be as stressful for your pet as it is for you, especially if it is an older pet, things may become more difficult. Remember, a pet has its own necessities, tolerance factors and adjustability.  Take advice from the veterinarian regarding how to prepare your pet for the change.

Pets Should Be Removed During Showings

Pets can be a problem if you allow them to roam freely in the house during showings.  The best choice is to hire a Real Estate agent, keep the pets away from the house, and then show the house to the Buyer.  Pet liability is always a big issue. Pets can injure a Buyer as well as create problems for the Real Estate agent to show your home properly.  Thus, you might lose a good Buyer who might offer a better price than others.  So, either the pets should be removed completely from the house or kept in a contained place away from the inner house premises.  If your pet is friendly with a friend or a relative you may consider leaving it there for a few days.  This will help you remove all the stuff concerning your pet and also maintain cleanliness.

Damages should be repaired before showings

Damages from pets are quite common - especially your furniture, floorings and walls will bear signs of your pet’s presence.  Pet stains are noticed by Buyers and will prevent you from getting a good price.  Employ the help of professionals to mend the damages before listing your house for sale.  A little investment can help you sell your home at a good price.

Make Your Home Stain And Odor Free

Stains and smells, especially odours from dander and fur are quite common in houses having pets.  This can be an obstacle to please the Buyer and get you a good sale price.  Ensure that your house is stain and odour free before showing it for sale.  Here are some essential steps to prepare your house for sale.
· Do not let the pet sleep on carpets and couches.  Instead, arrange for an endearing bed and reward the pets on using it.
· Using room fresheners frequently can help in getting rid of odours.
· Keep your pets clean by bathing and grooming them properly.
· Various products are available on the market which help in cleaning pet stains.  Use them regularly to keep the house clean.

It is better to change the carpets if the stains or odours are too bad (and seal the wood or cement subfloor below the underlay with a suitable paint/sealant before installing the new flooring).

Staging Your Property

Sometimes, Buyers ask openly about the presence of pets and you need to answer honestly.  However, if your house appears clean and fresh, Buyers will have little reason to complain.
To leave no chance for objection, prepare your house by removing the signs of pets completely.
· Clean the yards which bear signs of your pet’s presence.
· Vacuum your house daily and apply a good smelling deodorizer.
· Remove photos and accessories of your pet.

Keep doors and windows opened before and during showings, allowing the fresh air to come inside the house.


It is crucial to present your house as a clean and fresh smelling place.  This will help your Real Estate agent  sell your house demand a good market price for it.  Following the above points can enforce good perception in a Buyer’s mind and help you sell your house.

As your Realtors, the Twice The Experience Real Estate Team is here to help guide you through your home sale.